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surrounded my gossip
sitting between peers
reminds me of youth
in my freshman year
I lost so many friends
with what was told in those ears
I gained so much more
those people, are dear
:iconnarimal:Narimal 3 0
Story of 'Us'
people talk
and we think
"we're living"
some kind of verse of
a line of a song to
explaining what's going on
with us, there may be a lot of
me, saying us,
when it might not even happen
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Smitten Kitten by Narimal Smitten Kitten :iconnarimal:Narimal 3 0 Wallpaper by Narimal Wallpaper :iconnarimal:Narimal 1 0 Pizza Practice! by Narimal Pizza Practice! :iconnarimal:Narimal 3 4
Falling Angels
if I see you pass
with your wings aflame
I’ll hear your shouts,
listen to your blame
but if you so choose
to light me on fire
I’ll disappear quickly
because clouds fly higher
in a dry spell,
similar to hell,
I’ll be your oxygen
but of which you can’t tell
I’ll help you burn
it’s what you have earned
to be so hot,
ending up in an urn
:iconnarimal:Narimal 4 1
Watercolor Practice by Narimal Watercolor Practice :iconnarimal:Narimal 1 0
A Widower's Holidays
tearing apart
days after christmas
old toys
old news
another year
another relationship
another gift
another tree
:iconnarimal:Narimal 1 0
I tell people to keep their head above water;
it’s a terrible fate to be down here.
especially with me
:iconnarimal:Narimal 3 1
Another Hashtag
this crumbling reflection in the mirror
as we tear through the streets
looking at it all
each side wondering
where did I go wrong?
each day is a new break in the news
each hour is another after his time
each minute is filled with more lies
each side acting like
justice is a crime
under this crumbling reflection,
many think it’s all O-K underneath
but being angry and being terrified
is the difference between the sides,
over a decision with screams and tears behind it
we wonder if the snow will ever fall
and if the dark clouds have their chance again
because the cold truth settles in
that the warmth of the sun is just a myth,
it does not shine equally upon all
:iconnarimal:Narimal 4 1
Relationships Start and End With Summer
I watch you fall in line
on his heels
continuing in this pattern
of nothing
no sentiment or reason
‘kinda’ just because
leaving a breathless sigh
you’re already in trouble
there’s probably more soon
I’m watching you now
as you swing arms and swoon
I wish you the best of luck
in this new endeavor
but I’ll be suprised
if this ends with “happily ever after”
:iconnarimal:Narimal 3 1
tearing at my heartstrings
saying you’re my everything
I could show you all there is to see
but you’ll see all the things I’ll never be
it doesn’t matter anymore
my heart has locked that open door
:iconnarimal:Narimal 3 0
Twisted Love
if you ever hear my name
and your face doesn’t contort
if you ever speak my name
and you didn’t regret it
if you ever look me in the eye
and can understand how I feel
maybe then you’ll see me
with some kind of importance
rather than someone
you’ve labeled
someone that you didn’t want to
throw away
I tell you I’ll stay,
I’ll live by it everyday
:iconnarimal:Narimal 2 1
Standing to Fall Again
I can’t stand
because I’m falling
deeper into this passion
with a lack of understanding
I can’t stand
what you don’t understand
about the truth I’m telling you
through and through
I’d always be the one
to protect and be honest with you
help you make choices
and guide you when you’re lost
if you ever get lost,
come and find me
i’ll help you see again
even if you don’t need me
:iconnarimal:Narimal 1 0
Under Dark Gazes
deep pools
of a warm
melted chocolate
something I hope
you can see
is all desire
to be free
to swim
under that warm gaze
:iconnarimal:Narimal 2 0
Keep It
hope filled desire
laced with unknowing
growing still,
twisting and turning
slowing down,
speeding up
beating red and beating hard
'til beats no more
and nothing is heard
nothing is found
tangible shadows
are left behind
pricking those who admire
and wonder
with distaste and disgust
in a dying world
:iconnarimal:Narimal 2 0
Welcome back to my world. I'd just like to update you with what's going on. I will be purchasing a premium soon, so for a chance to recieve the free one please message me or favorite this. It may be somebody who is very active and someone that has conversed with me often.

Secondly, I'm graduating in 5 months. If you've read my journals, it's obviously been a long road and I can finally get my start and paved ground soon. I'm truly less stressed than last year, and if you have seen I have been posting here and there. I'm planning on setting up a queue for posts, so you're not recieving sparatic notifications.

Thirdly, I'd like some feedback on my poetry. I'd like a comparison to my older works and my newer works so if you respond to this journal with a comparison you will be more likely to receive a 12 month premium membership.  

Any other updates I have will follow later, thank you all!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hey, I'm Becky! And let me guess, you're beautiful? I'm 17 living in Michigan, USA. I am currently a Senior in high school (year 4). I participate within the IB (International Baccalaureate) Dipolma Programme within my school, the highlight of it being the IB Visual Arts class I take. I generally try to put myself in new situations and to try new things, so I ended up playing football, softball, and bowling. I'm going on my 6th year of Spanish, and I can understand SOME French. Back to Visual Arts, I didn't take this in the beginning. Honestly, I had given up on art for awhile because I didn't think mine was good enough. I learned art is expression though, it's what it means to you and not how good it is to other people. I express myself in many different forms now, and I love photography/ poetry the most. This class helps me with techniques and new ideas. It's pretty cool. I'm inspired by different people (though I find myself more inspired by musicians), but one of my biggest inspirations has to be Ed Sheeran and the Script with previous inspirational artists/ musicians being P!nk and Michael Buble. I spend a lot of my time making art, doing homework, or playing League of Legends. I'm planning on attending community college then transferring to a University. I eat a lot of sandwiches and a ton of mac and cheese. I dunno. I tend to associate as a Democratic on more social issues and more Republican on others. People say they love my eyes the most. Something I love watching is Law and Order: SVU, but things I liked watching before that differ from a Law and Order type of show are Superjail, Attack on Titan, and I watch some other anime and other TV but not a lot. I'm pansexual.

Color- Red
Food- Mac and Cheese
Music- Pop/ Indie
Medium- Watercolor
Book- This is How You Lose Her
Actor- Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence

Tumblr logo by CrampTwins02-
New Twitter Logo by ockre- @beckyamcdermott
League Of Legends by DKman- DominozBabeh

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